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It's now or never. The borders are closing. The laws are changing. Adrian risks everything before being trapped forever inside his own life.

It’s 2044. Citizens have been stripped of their rights in the rise of a ruthless, new political power.

Adrian Peralta is caught in the geopolitical collapse of his nation and the rise of the SOTERIA regime. He sacrifices his entire life's savings, entrusting it to a black market syndicate in exchange for being smuggled off the Union-controlled mainland and outside the borders.

As he meets up with other like-minded, desperate citizens clutching at the ideas of a better existence, freedom lingers within their grasp. Once he takes the leap, there's no turning back. Escape is treason. Treason means capital punishment. Adrian needs to get out and raise the alarm. He owes it to all the other scared and defenceless citizens he's leaving behind.

Will Adrian make it out alive or will he simply become another Union statistic?

Set 15 years before the SOTERIA trilogy, Three Days West is the precursor to L J Duncan's debut novel, END OF PRIDE, and sets the pace for the trilogy. 



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