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Separated by a rising superpower. Forced into slavery. With half a world between them, can two survivors reunite and finally find their freedom?


Soteria is in ruins. Tyson Anderson is caught in the volatile aftermath of invasion. Just moments after declaring his feelings, he’s horrified when his closest companions captured and airlifted to Greenland’s merciless slave pits. And planning a daring rescue, he risks his life to journey across oceans only to run into betrayal and a vicious old foe.


Brie Kallas stands at the brink of despair. Still reeling from tragic loss and finding herself imprisoned in the brutal Elpis mines, her hopes for a different future are rapidly crumbling. But her unbreakable spirit sparks when she discovers an opportunity to manipulate the enemy and fight her way out…


As Tyson struggles to strike a deal with his psychotic nemesis and continue on his mission to save his friends, he’s petrified his efforts may already be too late. And while Brie’s ploy to earn her oppressor’s trust works a little too well, she fears she may never pull free of her perilous fate.


Fall of Wrath is the mind-blowing third book in the Soteria dystopian science fiction adventure trilogy. If you like tortured heroes, grim futures, and real-world backdrops, then you’ll love L J Duncan’s gripping finale.


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