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A brutal government regime. A callous rite-of-passage ritual.


It’s 2059. The air is toxic. The wealthy live underground in prison-like control while the less fortunate fend for themselves on the surface. Tyson is days away from taking part in the compulsory Marriage Lottery. Can he bring himself to marry a stranger, or will he attempt the impossible and try to escape Soteria? 


Brie Kallas is searching for the same desperate freedom. On the run after committing murder, she faces the poisonous syndrome and barbaric vigilantes of the Earth’s surface, while trying to outwit the ruthless Humanist Union.

As their journeys bring them closer together their struggle for survival uncovers sinister truths. Will they find freedom or will they learn that in Soteria there will only ever be two choices?


End of Pride is a confronting dystopian thriller that propels readers into a future that’s horrifyingly believable.




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